Our First Post: About Our Blog

Tools, Dirt, Buckets, Boots, Kids, Pets, and Paint…

The Basics to Create…

The Basics to begin the process…

This blog is a place to share our family’s life journey so that I can help others to make changes in their lives to be happier, healthier, more creative, and to bring their family closer together. This is a place for me to share our family’s creations to inspire others to change and grow.

There have been many hardships, not much different from other families out there. Well, maybe more or maybe less. We all take our own path in life. Despite the ups and downs of my daily life, I continued on what seemed like a path that felt like a vicious never-ending cycle of daily repetitive chores. I was on a path that was draining me spiritually and distancing each of our family members from one another. My spirit, creativity, spontaneity, and happiness were becoming a distant memory.

Don’t get me wrong… I am and have always been grateful for everything I have. I always count my blessings. I know there are some families and people out there with less, but I was at a major life crossroads. I wanted so much more and so much… differentfor myself and for my family. I want to share with others that struggle with living the daily monotonous rat race of today’s society and how our family has been making changes. There are ways to…

slow down,

 smell the roses,

laugh and enjoy one another,

 let go of the stress of making money and paying the bills ,

organize your lives,

and grow your creativity and connections with each other.

There is more to life! Our family would like to share with others our journey, our challenges, our inspirational moments, the changes we are going through, and what a different life can look like. Hopefully we will inspire others and their families to slow down, breath, laugh, create, and grow together. Join us in our journey!


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