Getting Organized

Every year, school starts for the young ones and I say I am going to get organized. I am the Queen of having a million projects going on at once. Anyhow, I have had this terribly painted old wall with nothing but a cork board hung up and our family tracks important paperwork for the school and other important papers all over it all year long until summer strats and it looks like a huge heap of trash. Of course, I can barely remember half the stuff that is pinned to it.

My outside projects were on hold…So I swore this was the year to fix at least that wall and have some semblance to keep track of our kids school papers and other important family data.

I need the corkboard, but I love color and the dull brownish cork with numerous holes was not going to cut it. I painted it with my acrylics and painted a frame. I decided to use chalkboard paint on the wall. I like that I can change things when I want to, write messages to my kids or hubby, or just write an inspirational quote.

Our family has dove into working Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Plan. Budgeting (as a family) has been…a nightmare…a chore…a source of tension…the list goes on as I’m sure most families can relate to. I am Type A personality…I need some semblance of order in my home and life. So I have written the baby steps on our wall and our weekly action plan.

I used a variety of pinterest “blackboard walls for country homes” for some of my inspiration and this was my first time working with blackboard paint. It took three coats since our walls are so old and covered in plaster. I was aiming for a smoother surface which worked pretty well. The foam brush roller and brush did not work at all for me and the walls had to be painted by hand with a good latex brush.

We bought a cheap Walmart calendar that had spaces large enough for the five of us to keep track of family affairs (…doctors. appointments, hubby out of town for work, play-dates, soccer games, etc.). I found an old frame and hung it up around the calendar. I used a small cup holder to hold the calendar so I can take it down and flip the pages when we need to.

In addition…I printed out some photos of the kids on regular paper in black-n-white paper and found some old frames we weren’t using. This added that personal touch I was looking for. The wall still needs one of my country signs hung above a door way.

Always a work in progress. I am always rearranging and repainting things and driving the family bonkers…This wall at least lets me change things up a bit with the versatility of the blackboard paint and old frames.


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