Summer Goals and Reflections…

Summer Tea…Fresh Mint from the garden!

So this has been the fastest summer ever. Full of whirlwinds to say the least! Happy Fall! I feel like I am ready for some cool air and to see the beauty in the fall leaves starting to change colors on our large tree out front of my home. So as we are entering a new season, my second round of spring cleaning the house and getting everything in order for the cold weather to come, I began to reflect on the summer events in my so called NEW WAYS of LIVING…. OUR CREATIVE LIVING!

  1. GARDENING: I made a huge garden this summer and was hoping to spend less at the grocery store and eat healthier and involve the family. More quality family time had been indicated.

REFLECTION: Some time well spent and needed. Things don’t always go as planned. Should I try this again next year? …I don’t want to look at another tomato for quite some time and neither does the family. The squash bugs, other bugs, fungus, heat, and lack of rain ruined a lot….however, the physical aspect of this sure burned off a lot of stress and helped me to focus and redefine my life and goals. It was a great experience for the kids to help with the garden and pick the tomatoes. They learned some things, tried some new things, and my husband and I spent some outdoor quality time with them. I think this is the most time I have ever spent outside in general.

  1. HOME PROJECTS: I ripped apart three windows. I fixed and sanded the frames, sashes, pulleys…re-glazed the glass, rehung them and…..LOTS OF ELBOW GREASE

REFLECTION: The windows are hung, functional, and beautiful. It is so nice to be able to open some windows in this old house and to see my hard work pay off! I learned so much with this project…FEELING LIKE A TRUE HOUSE REHABBER  IN PROGRESS!!!

Nicole is awesome! Maybe she will save my house!!!

I also handmade screens which was a serious challenge as nothing is square in these old homes.  I can’t wait to continue to work on some more windows and the doors next spring. MY NEIGHBORS CAN BE SPARED THE SOUND OF A HAMMER and ALL FOR A BIT NOW!

  1. CHANGING THE WAY OUR FAMILY LIVES AND SPENDS TIME TOGETHER: Less technology, video games, cell phones, electronics.

REFLECTION: POKEMON GO REALLY PUT A DAMPER ON THIS! My hubby said, “It will get the kids and us outside walking together”.  Seriously!!!  This was coming from the I.T. GEEK himself. Pokemon Go turned out to be another distraction from interacting with each other. Usually we are at least all together in the car. I have found that this is the best time for my kids to talk to me and each other. Now they talk POKEMON GO and have their heads in their phones all the time. So needless to say,  I at least have voiced my opinions, and other than dismantling the internet from the house due to their poor choices at times this summer. The amount of technology use has not decreased at all in our home.

  1. GRADUATE CLASSES: This summer I was hoping that classwork would start to flow better.

REFLECTION: I get this gut wrenching, energy draining feelings of dread when I have papers that are due. My 4.0 for grad school is obviously not reflective of this true experience for me. The experience is very similar to what I had started to feel in my nursing career when I have all the electronic documentation to complete on my patients. Nurse burnout is still very evident in my life. As I realize that financially I have to pick up more hours in addition to writing my papers for school, I become emotionally drained and STUCK. School has helped me to begin to figure out what I want to do with my life. At least this one LIFE GOAL/DREAM has not changed. I can’t wait to open my own nurse run clinic one day. Hopefully to serve those that are underserved. I do love holistic/integrative medicine and I do love seeing my patients. I don’t think anything will ever destroy my entrepreneurial spirit. It’s just a matter of becoming more focused and when and how I am going to get there (POSITIVE THOUGHTS!).

  1. SPIRITUALITY: We will go to church.

REFLECTION: A very successful mission. I have gone back to church (not every Sunday with my crazy schedule). My children are going, liking it, and now going to a youth group once a week. My youngest dug his heels in. It was ridiculous to say the least. Now though…he truly likes going and loves youth group. Also, my hubby is going to church. He even went by himself the one Sunday this summer that the rest of us could not make it. KUDOS Hubby! So proud!

  1. ARTWORK/BLOG: Start a BLOG and do more ART! Simple enough!

REFLECTION: I have had a ton of creative ventures this summer. I didn’t complete as much ART as I would have liked. All the other creative ventures (the house and garden) and school took way more time than I expected.

I started this blog which I am proud of. I have noticed that when the kids’ schedules get crazy and school gets busier at times, no matter how much planning I do, I become overstretched. There is just not enough time in a day.

  1. FINANCIAL PLANNING: Do a BUDGET, cut costs, figure out a plan. I left my full time job due to Nurse Burnout and I was our primary income. I decided on Grad School and this doesn’t allow for me to be able to work full time with having children (despite all the colleges out there claiming that they are geared towards those needing to work and balance family…HA! That’s a marketing scheme full of POOP!)

REFLECTION: I decided to use Dave Ramsey’s Model.  I was familiar with his plan and it worked when I had first bought my home ten years ago as a single mom struggling. I had forgotten what I learned then and fell off the plan. I have thrown myself into this full force once again. I am in charge of all the financing, household management, etc. in our home, but Dave says that hubby and I have to do this together and you need to “come from a place that this is visceral”. “You need to get Gazelle intense”.

No problem for me. I have not had much success with hubby. This is just one more change for the kids that is stirring up their world so I am definitely getting resistance from them. I will not give up. I will make the necessary changes. I am such a determined woman!

I light of “OUR CREATIVE LIVING”…the quote that stands out to me the most and is guiding me in my journey at this time is, “LIVE LIKE NO ONE ELSE” (Dave Ramsey,




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